Continuous Improvement
Bold leaders use Continuous Improvement to change their worlds for the better.
A powerful blend of process improvement and change leadership, Continuous Improvement equips teams to realize process performance improvement, enabling profound culture shift. 

Our over 20 years proven, CI Lean methodology ensures that you can achieve your vision together more effectively and sustainably through:

Strategic Alignment

Organizations are most effective when their processes align with their Vision, Mission and Goals. Berlineaton’s approach ensures that you’re not only doing things right, but are focused on doing the right things.

Process Improvement

Berlineaton deploys powerful, and empowering, approaches to ensure that you and your team, in partnership with your stakeholders, can achieve your vision using the most efficient, effective business and performance management processes possible.

Change Leadership 

You need to be really good at leading people to a better future, or you will never get there. Berlineaton helps acclimatize your organization to change, and build the internal leadership network and culture you will require to sustain you on your continuous improvement journey after we’re gone. 

How we do it

Berlineaton’s 5 Staged CI Lean methodology is simple, robust, over 20 years and 2,000 projects proven, and includes:

Stage 1: Observe
Take a step back and observe. Find out what is going well, what needs improving, and where you need to realign to your vision.  

Stage 2: Focus
Focus on a few, key opportunities for improvement.  Be clear about your goals and scope and build the right Design Team, with the right members, to work towards success on behalf of your organization.

Stage 3: Redesign
Realize a better future through redesigning your core processes. Develop an approach to successfully lead the transition to the future for people, tools and processes. 

Stage 4: Execute
Do it. Learn. Repeat. Improve.

Stage 5: Sustain
Make the changes stick through habitual success, and enduring leadership commitment to a culture of continuous improvement.

What our Clients Say about our Work

Executive Director of a BC Provincial Ministry for a social program serving over 10,000 clients annually: 

“The Berlineaton team expertly led our staff through a process of reviewing and finding business solutions for the daily tasks completed by Customer Service Representatives.  We have revised forms and public documents available; reduced the paper backlog from a 30 to 40 day turnaround time to an average of 15 to 20 business day turnaround; and are in the process of developing a number of alternative communication tools to better inform families and service providers. On behalf of our organization, I am pleased to say we would highly recommend the talents and skills of Berlineaton.”
Take a step back to observe. Find out what is really going on by focusing on what is working well, what opportunities exist to improve, satisfaction with current processes, and team strengths.  
Focus on something you can improve!    Choose the best opportunity for improvement, identify your objectives and build the right teams with the right people to tackle the redesign.
Imagine what the future could be by mapping out the current process, identifying opportunities for improvement, then designing the new process.
Analyze and understand what is changing, what is staying the same, and what it will take to get there.  Develop a plan to manage the transition from the people, content, and process points of view.
Determine how to make the changes 'stick' by considering who needs to be empowered and objective reflection on the progress of the execution. Ongoing commitment to this will create a culture of continuous improvement.
Learn More
Be sure to check out our Blog and Case Studies pages to learn more about Continuous Improvement and other Berlineaton approaches.
Executive Project Lead for an information systems based, change leadership focused project with one of BC's largest forest companies: 

“Delivering a series of intensive process improvement based workshops, Berlineaton led us through mapping out our ‘as is’ processes. Our redesigned approach now features improved visibility and of proactive management of business and transactional data, increased process efficiency, significantly reduced manual work, and an integrated and automated system driving cost optimization, and product quality improvement. Berlineaton’s invigorating approach to continuous improvement was well received by my staff, with responses to surveys consistently in the 80% satisfaction range, and many positive comments received by me from those involved.”

Partner of a large Law Firm specializing in providing personal injury services to Crown Corporations:

"At the outset, we were unsure of how activities would unfold. Like many of our clients expect from us, we wanted Berlineaton to direct us how to improve our systems and develop a plan to evolve and make us more successful. This is simply not the Berlineaton way.  Rather, they challenged us and called upon the knowledge and experience of our diverse team to focus on organizational needs, priorities, and goals. They called upon our team to find actual ways to identify the firm's goals and bring them to fruition. The project activities were fluid and complimented one another, the end result being a very clear, multi-faceted project plan with deadlines and, more importantly, a high level of accountability among our team members."
Please also visit our Case Studies page to read about how we have applied our Continuous Improvement methodology with specific clients.
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Organizations that thrive excel in three areas: 

  • Direction: a clear, widely shared, and aspirational vision of the future and a compelling road map to get there.
  • Process: clear, effective and efficient steps that create meaningful outputs. Daily tasks and deliverables yield their best results when processes are clear and strong, and aligned with organizational objectives. Processes facilitate the alignment of action with direction.
  • People: People make it all happen. People have the skills, capacity, and impetus to translate strategic intent into reality. Ultimately, people and the culture they create drive an organization towards its chosen future. 
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