Independent Schools
If you are an independent school leader seeking a solution and want solid, timely, expert, data-driven advice, we can help you.
Our work in independent schools began by delivering strategy development and execution services.  

Since 1999, we have helped over 25 independent schools and independent-school associations across Canada.  We are known in the sector for our inclusive, collaborative approach where we bring practical solutions, profound experiences and bolder futures to our engagements.
We help boards become more effective through board effectiveness surveys and evaluations, governance training, facilitated workshops, and exit interviews.

Constituent Engagement
We help school leaders understand the perspectives of their key constituents through focus groups, consultations sessions and surveys.

Risk Management
We help school leaders develop risk management frameworks, systems and processes that identify your school’s top risks, impact severity, likelihood and risk mitigation plans, including communication protocols and training. 

Student, Faculty and Staff Mental Health and Wellness
We help school leaders understand mental health issues in their schools and develop better support processes and systems to ensure appropriate levels of support.

Talent Management and Strategic Human Resource Management
We help school leaders implement strategic HR approaches, systems and processes into their organizations that will strengthen your talent pool in all areas of your talent management framework.

Strategy Development and Execution
We help school leaders take charge of their futures.  Our six-step methodology includes Scanning the environment, Articulating the future, Defining goals and priorities, Aligning actions and resources, Executing for results, and Monitoring and course correcting.

Data and Information for Better Decision Making
We design and administer surveys targeted at key stakeholders - parents, alum, faculty and staff, and students.
Advancement and Philanthropy
We help school leaders build philanthropic cultures using our Philanthropic Culture Assessment Tool, working with Boards to become champions of philanthropy, and redesigning systems and process to ensure that fundraising is at the heart of your school.  
Independent Schools
  • St. Michaels University School (Victoria)
  • Brentwood College School (Mill Bay)
  • Glenlyon Norfolk School (Victoria)
  • Mulgrave School (Vancouver)
  • Crofton House School (Vancouver)
  • West Point Grey Academy (Vancouver)
  • Stratford Hall (Vancouver)
  • St George's School (Vancouver)
  • Southridge School (South Surrey)
  • Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School (Kelowna)
  • Meadowridge School (Maple Ridge)
  • St. John’s-Ravenscourt School (Winnipeg)
  • Balmoral Hall School (Winnipeg)
  • Bishop Strachan School (Toronto)
  • The Study (Montreal)
  • Akiva School (Montreal)
  • Bishop Strachan School (Toronto)
  • Hebrew Academy (Montreal)
  • Hebrew Foundation (Montreal)
  • Solomon Schechter Academy (Montreal)
  • JPPS/Bialik School (Montreal)
  • Upper Canada College (Toronto)
  • Alliance Française (Toronto)
  • Royal St. George's College (Toronto)

Associations and Governing Organizations
  • Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)
  • Independent Schools Association of British Columbia (ISABC)
  • Association of Saskatchewan Regional Colleges
  • Bronfman Jewish Education Centre (Montreal)
  • BC Ministry of Education
  • BC Ministry of Advanced Education

Post-Secondary Education Institutions
  • Vancouver Community College
  • Vancouver Island University College
  • Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific (Metchosin, BC)
Here’s what a few of our clients say about their experience:
“I wanted to let you know that we launched Strategic Directions: Towards 2029 to our community yesterday. It has been extremely positively received thus far and is generating much excitement. Your efforts in guiding the robust planning process that has resulted in our Strategic Directions were quite simply extraordinary; your partnership was integral to any success achieved. Thank you. I hope you are as proud of the final product as we are.”

Sam McKinney
Upper Canada College
“The emphasis on Strategic Management was important to us, since we didn't want a plan that sat on the shelf after several months of strategic thinking. I found that Berlineaton didn't come to our organization with a pre-conception of what our strategic plan would look like, but they made an authentic effort to understand the people in our community and be in tune with its ethos, its goals and its people. They gained trust and confidence and continue to work with us on the implementation of our tactical plan."
Bob Snowden  
Former Head of School            
St. Michaels University School
We also support independent schools in the following areas:
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Organizations that thrive excel in three areas: 

  • Direction: a clear, widely shared, and aspirational vision of the future and a compelling road map to get there.
  • Process: clear, effective and efficient steps that create meaningful outputs. Daily tasks and deliverables yield their best results when processes are clear and strong, and aligned with organizational objectives. Processes facilitate the alignment of action with direction.
  • People: People make it all happen. People have the skills, capacity, and impetus to translate strategic intent into reality. Ultimately, people and the culture they create drive an organization towards its chosen future. 
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