Leader Development
Courageous leaders exist in every successful organization.
Our leadership coaching approach focuses on helping leaders improve their performance and the performance of their organizations too. 

Berlineaton provides Executive Coaching services to emerging and seasoned leaders who want to increase their leadership effectiveness, explore new ways of leading, and help their organizations achieve their goals.  Executive Coaching can take several forms including:  career coaching, performance coaching, new-assignment coaching, debrief and feedback coaching, presentation skills/communications coaching, team coaching and succession coaching.  

We coach senior leaders and executives in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, and use assessment tools including: Narrative and Online 360 Degree assessment instruments, the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Lumina Spark, Hogan and Cevey Assessment systems.

Berlineaton is prequalified to work with the BC Public Service through its Executive Coaching Corporate Supply Arrangement.
Our coaches have between 10 to 20 years of experience working with the BC Public Service.  We are familiar with how government functions, how the political levels influence and direct the bureaucracy, and how the bureaucracy gets things done.  

Berlineaton's executive coaching practice aligns with the International Coach Federation’s philosophy and code of ethics.

We follow a six-step process for executive coaching engagements:

A good, trusting 'fit' between the coach, the leader, and the organization. 
A formal Coaching Agreement that specifies the terms of the relationship, including confidentiality.   
Assessment tools that are used to establish baseline information about the leader.  
The goals of the coaching engagement, including how to measure progress.
Progress towards goals through action-focussed coaching sessions that strengthen the leader's current and future leadership capacity.   
A co-developed, "next steps" plan that is a catalyst for the leader's long-term growth and development.  


Here is a sampling of recent Leader Development Engagements:
Narrative 360s: 

Ministry of Finance:  Simultaneously conducted six Narrative 360s for a full Executive Team, using four internal Berlineaton coaches.               

Ministry of Environment:  Led and conducted nine Narrative 360s for a team of Executive Directors, using internal Berlineaton coaches and associates.

Ministry of Health:  Led and conducted 16 Narrative 360s for three divisions, using internal Berlineaton coaches and associates.   
Executive Coaching:  

One-year coaching engagement with the head of school of a prominent west coast independent school. 

Coaching engagement with the CEO of a prominent tourism association following the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Two-year coaching engagement with two co-CEOs and over 40 service leaders at Urban Systems Ltd., with a primary goal of increasing leadership capacity.  
Please also visit our Case Studies page to read about how we have applied our Leader Development methodology with specific clients.
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