Strategy Development and Execution
Strategic leadership is the compass of a successful organization.
We help leaders set direction by guiding them through the process of strategy development and execution. Our approach is inclusive, involving stakeholders and other constituents.                    

Setting the direction of an organization is an essential function of leadership. One important tool to set direction is the development and execution of organizational strategy. A  strong, clearly-defined, widely-shared strategy has the potential to propel an organization towards the future it desires, directs all other planning efforts, and informs organizational design.

Our approach and methodology spans the full spectrum from the initial steps of preparing for strategy formulation to execution. Below is a summary of the steps we recommend for the development and execution of organizational strategy:
Scan external and internal environments. Identify what current realities could affect future opportunities and summarize the strategic issues that must be confronted.
Articulate the organization’s vision, mission and values. Describe in a precisely meaningful way the preferred future, the unique purpose and the beliefs that drive behaviours for the organization as a whole.
Define the specific goals and priorities necessary to achieve the vision and fulfill the mission.
Align the specific actions, accountabilities, and resources required to achieve the strategic priorities.
Execute in a planned way that meaningfully brings the strategic plan to life.
Monitor progress through appropriate measuring and reporting tools, course correct where required, and celebrate success.
Our team has worked with hundreds of clients, using this Strategy Development and Execution methodology since 1996.  Here is what a few of our clients have to say about the process and results:
“The emphasis on Strategic Management was important to us, since we didn't want a plan that sat on the shelf after several months of strategic thinking. I found that Berlineaton didn't come to our organization with a pre-conception of what our strategic plan would look like, but they made an authentic effort to understand the people in our community and be in tune with its ethos, its goals and its people. They gained trust and confidence and continue to work with us on the implementation of our tactical plan."

Bob Snowden 
Head of School            
St. Michaels University School          
“I have engaged Berlineaton over the years to support a few different initiatives.  I have found they bring very strong skills and tools in the areas of strategic planning, change management, facilitation, problem solving, project management, engagement management and team building. Of particular value to me is the philosophy of Berlineaton, which is one of developing and building the capacity of their clients to carry out this type of work on their own.  They are very adaptable in their approach to the tools, their role and the advice they provide depending on what is needed for each organization.”

Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland
Associate Deputy Minister        
BC Ministry of Finance
Please also visit our Case Studies page to read about how we have applied our Strategy Development and Execution methodology with specific clients.
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Organizations that thrive excel in three areas: 

  • Direction: a clear, widely shared, and aspirational vision of the future and a compelling road map to get there.
  • Process: clear, effective and efficient steps that create meaningful outputs. Daily tasks and deliverables yield their best results when processes are clear and strong, and aligned with organizational objectives. Processes facilitate the alignment of action with direction.
  • People: People make it all happen. People have the skills, capacity, and impetus to translate strategic intent into reality. Ultimately, people and the culture they create drive an organization towards its chosen future. 
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